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Usually working within a multi-disciplinary team LD1 formulates the overall landscape strategy, addressing the key social, environmental, and experiential criteria and objectives of a particular development. The planning process begins with a thorough investigation and analysis of a site as well as the attainment of  a full comprehension of the client’s vision and expectations. The resulting documentation typically consists of the landscape master plan concept and design strategies as well as a set of design guidelines that can be used as reference in the development of future phases of a project.


Upon confirmation with the client and other team members of the project design criteria, budget, time frame, development phasing, regulatory requirements, and design responsibilities, LD1 prepares alternative design studies describing an overall design statement and illustrating the potential arrangement and character of the landscape. This is followed by further detailing of the landscape design and the preparation of a Design Development report. Finally, the technical team produces landscape tender and construction documents as well as technical specifications for the project design.




LD1 provides services throughout the landscape construction process, often beginning with plant selection at nurseries or, on larger projects, administration of contract growing programmes. As the Client’s representative on-site, our staff follow the progress of the landscape construction, ensuring that the built product is in full compliance with the design intent and construction documentation and providing continuous reporting to the Client or Project Manager.